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The reflex sight developed in Germany for the most demanding requirements and maximum performance, even under extreme conditions.

The compact design with integrated, loss-protected Picatinny quick release combines with any firearm to make a perfect unit.

Sealed electronics in an impact-resistant metal housing make it waterproof up to 10 m.

The 65 MOA circle with 2 MOA dot allows both rapid and accurate shooting.

An automatic on/off switch is coupled to a motion sensor and guarantees an extremely long battery life.


Particularly practical:

  • If a FALKE LE is removed, it will automatically switch into idle mode after 5 minutes
  • and will activate immediately when reattached.
  • If the FALKE LE is stored away in a safe while still activated, it will shut off completely after two hours.
  • When turned back on, the FALKE LE will automatically return to the previously set brightness level.
  • The brightness control, including several levels for night vision devices, is carried out using a smart button which can also be operated with gloves.
  • The coated LED lens is similar to the sapphire glass used in high-grade Swiss watches. The lens fits flush to the housing for easy cleaning. This makes it easy to wipe away dirt or raindrops in mere factions of a second, even with gloves.
  • The patented kill-flash system (included) can dependably be mounted and removed within seconds.
Magnification 1x
Reticle type 65 MOA Circle / 2 MOA Dot
Windage/Elevation adjustment 144 MOA
Battery type CR2
Battery running time (continously) 100-1000 hrs
Battery running time (auto shut-off) 100-4000 hrs
Brightness settings 10DT / 10NV
Auto shut-off 2 hrs
Dimensions (In) 4,33 x 2,01 x 2,28
Weight (oz) 9,56
Material Aluminium



Technical information about the new FALKE LE (Gen.2)


The FALKE LE (Gen. 2) is based on the basic idea on the FALKE LE (Gen. 1, but the FALKE LE (Gen. 2) is not just a facelift; it is an elaborate modernization and an improvement that meets the needs of professional users.

In cooperation with professional users and customers and our best engineers, the implementation of the new FALKE LE (Gen. 2) took 18 months.

The toughest test conditions, such as water (-10m depth), extreme temperatures (+70 ° C to -68 ° C) and shock and recoil resistance up to Kal..50BMG are unproblematic. The last tests have been completed and production has started.

With revised and modernized electronics, the FALKE LE (Gen. 2) offers a battery life of up to 4000 hours. Crucial for this high battery life is the electronic sleep mode. If a weapon with FALKE LE (Gen. 2) mounted is not used for five minutes, the FALKE LE device automatically goes into sleep mode. Once it detects a movement of the weapon or optic, it turns on again in milliseconds. If the weapon or the optics are not in move or use for more than two hours, the reticule switches off completely, then the FALKE LE (Gen. 2) is only activated by pressing the ON button again. The FALKE LE (Gen. 2) is powered by a Lithium CR2 battery, which is included in delivery. The decision for this type of battery was made because it is available worldwide at low cost and ensures high energy yield even at extremely low and high temperatures. Furthermore, the FALKE LE (Gen. 2) has a battery indicator. As soon as battery test duration of 6 hours has been reached, the reticle flashes 4x when the power is turned on (not during active use).

The illumination levels of the reticle have been improved from 6 levels for DT / NV to 10 levels DT / NV use. This enables the right brightness setting for every application situation. The new FALKE LE (Gen. 2) is therefore fully suitable for night vision.

In the second generation of the FALKE LE, lenses with the latest technology were installed. and the weaknesses of the first generation eliminated. These lenses have a three-layer construction and offer higher load capacity and a significantly improved image with up to 50% less blue coating, resulting in a much more pleasant and precise perception. Also, these lenses are special coated for the Lotus effect:

In maritime use or in the rain, water repels immediately.

Another advantage of the new coatings and the improved electronics is that the 65 MOA circle and the 2 MOA point are made even cleaner and clearer. The circle point reticle has tilt marks.

The lens of the LED projector has also been fundamentally improved. With the FALKE LE (Gen. 1), this lens could only be cleaned with additional effort in the event of dirt, which led to restrictions in its use. The FALKE LE (Gen. 2) now has a scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens, which is installed flush with the housing. Now it is possible to clean the lens during use with a finger wiper without damaging it.

Users of the first generation criticized the round control panel, which was difficult to operate at night or with gloves. The new FALKE LE (Gen 2) is now equipped with improved flat-touch controls mounted on both sides for use with magnifiers / boosters and has a better feel. The control panel has now been redesigned, designed and manufactured so that intuitive operation, whether with gloves, is possible at night or in the most adverse conditions (+ 70 ° Celsius to -68 ° Celsius). Of course it would also have been possible to move the control buttons on the back of the device, but then an operation with mounted booster is a hindrance. The control knobs are now much more intuitive and safe to use and we designed them using the KISS principle (Keep It Simple & Stupid).

A widely used combination is also with our B3x or B5x Boosters / Magnifiers.

One of the most obvious changes of the new FALKE LE (Gen. 2) compared to its predecessor is the housing, which consists of a lightweight high-strength aluminum alloy, which is provided with an abrasion-resistant, seawater resistant and low-reflection coating. The outer protective housing is constructed so that shocks are absorbed and distributed by the oblique structure and the upper pronounced roofs. This provides the best possible protection even under the toughest conditions. Should damage occur to the outer protective housing, it can be removed and replaced by loosening six screws, which also allows camouflage of the optics, for example by coating or paint.


Proven and now optimized, the Quick-Lock lever allows a quick installation, which also prevents entanglement of equipment and clothing. In addition, the locking mechanism has been improved and can now be unlocked with less effort.

The FALKE LE (Gen. 2) now has an even more precise click adjustment, which is extremely fine and accurate.

Due to repeated requests from users, a quick-release Killflash / honeycomb filter is now included. This prevents unwanted reflections and can be mounted within seconds. Another advantage of the quick-release Killflashs / ​​honeycomb filter is the protection against dirt and damage to the lens.

A widely used combination is also with our B3x or B5x Boosters / Magnifiers.

The FALKE LE is protected by patent.

The quality price level is unbreakable at a recommended retail price of 429, - €

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