Schmeisser UltraMatch 20"

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The Schmeisser AR15 Ultramatch is a precision rifle with a match barrel and an integrated spare magazine in the stock. This rifle has a .936 free-swinging match barrel, a slim M-Lok handguard, and an adjustable gas block made of steel. The Two-Stage trigger guarantees a clearly defined dry trigger. The safety selector, magazine trigger, charging handle, and bolt catch are designed for ambidextrous use. Standard delivery with a 10 round magazine.

  • Name

    AR15 Ultramatch 20“ STS

  • System

    Semi-automatic rifle

  • Caliber

    .223 Rem.

  • Weight

    4.000 g

  • Length

    97 cm

  • Barrel

    51 cm

  • Twist


  • Magazine

    10 rds






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